In nowadays social life, sarong is not merely worn as traditional cloth. Sarong can be mixed and matched with numerous modern cloths, to create an elegant-traditional impression.

Also, Gajah Duduk sarong is not only worn as lower outfit, but it can also be worn as an upper outfit and gowns.



Sarong is an icon of Indonesia culture. In some ethnics, sarong becomes one of their traditional apparel complement.

Being an advanced sarong trademark, Gajah Duduk adopts unique and beautiful motif of traditional sarong. Thus, Gajah Duduk’s sarong motifs are highly varied and attractive. Gajah Duduk has also a plan to produce a variety of traditional clothes for women. The clothes have some special ornament, adopting the archipelago, Thailand and Malaysian culture.



In Indonesia, sarong is identical to Islamic culture, because it was the Muslim merchants from Gujarat (India) who introduced it for the first time. Sarong then has become one of Muslim tradition cloths.

Gajah Duduk sarong has been known due to its quality and comfort. With the varieties and motifs, Gajah Duduk sarong is always Indonesian Muslims main option to be worn when worshiping. Especially during the religious holidays, such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.