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Marrakech by Gajah Duduk

Is a fashion brand offering from Gajah Duduk which representing style and quality of variety cultural and ethnic Indonesian state. 


Established since 2013 basis of creativity and innovation modern fashion style. This brand was conceived by Jamal Ghozi, owner of Gajah Duduk brand. Inspired by the beauty and history of Marrakech city in Morocco. The city has variety angles of uniqueness, splendor and one of the most historic city in Morocco which grew into a center of culture, religion and trade.


Same as Marrakech in Morocco, Marrakech by Gajah Duduk brand is a symbol of beauty, uniqueness, and elegance of fashion without ignoring harmony of Indonesian culture. Made with detail and carefully, Marrakech give positive energy and pride for customer. Use the good materials and measurement will make Marrakech always be comfortable to wear.


Casual become exclusive, Ethnic look be attractive and Formal become elegance will be found in this products.Marrakech is present in more than 50 cities in Indonesia both retails and department store which has the quality standards company and brand essence. Now not only Muslims fashion, but ethnic and culture motif style have been present by Marrakech. So customers will be more comfortable and flexible to choosing and wearing Marrakech products. Marrakech is the symbol of beauty, uniqueness and elegancy national fashion.


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