Thousand Women in Surabaya Break a Record of MURI in Making Ketupat

A thousand women who joined in members of Empowerment and Welfare of Family (PKK) in Surabaya East Java, break a record of Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) made the 'Ketupat' in biggest quantities with using a gloves.

The award was presented by Ari, representatives of MURI, at Plasa Cotton Krampung Surabaya, this is 4450th of MURI Records.

"After looks the making of ketupat by 1.000 - 10.000 women, we are proud to hand over this award," said Ari, representing the Chairman MURI, Jaya Soeprana which could not attend.

MURI award was given to three groups, PT Pismatex "Gajah Duduk" as the initiator the event, Plaza Cotton Krampung as organizer and Dannis Collection as supporters of the event.

Chairman of the PKK Surabaya, Dyah Katharina expressed happiness and pride because can participated in event that break the MURI Record.

"We are the women of Surabaya very proud to make a positive and recorded a remarkable achievement," she said.

But the wife of Surabaya Mayor, Bambang DH said that the award is not main target, but the main target is the friendship and unity.

"Through this event, has gathered a thousand people from various corners of the PKK in Surabaya. We hope that, through these activities make citizens more familiar and enjoy this activity, which makes the ketupat," he explained.

"Especially before the holy month of Ramadan. It has become a tradition for everyone that at the time of fasting and Eid, never forget to make a meal of the diamond for your friends and Iftar and Eid," said Dyah.

While the sales and marketing manager of PT Pismatex, Enjang Resi Fund, said it deliberately held makes the diamond by a thousand women Surabaya to preserve the diamond in the community.

He argues, with the convening of such activities, Indonesia is expected to mothers and families do not forget the culture of Indonesia when Ramadan and Eid to make a diamond.

"Not only that, wear gloves also has become a culture of Indonesia. Then, as the initiator, we urge people not to be shy and embarrassed to use gloves," said Resi Enjang Fund.

Source: Antara

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