Gajah Duduk Sarong is a pre-eminent sarong brand of PT Pismatex. It is first time marketed in 1972.


Gajah Duduk image symbolizes sarong market leader in Indonesia. The elephant does also symbolize a strong and big sarong.

Gajah Duduk is identical to prestige. It is the most prestigious brands in the market. To be the proof, Gajah Duduk gained Superbrands Award for several times. An international award given to the most popular and trusted brand. Gajah Duduk gained also Topbrand Award.

Since it was first put in the market, Gajah Duduk has always been a market leader in Indonesian sarong. Currently, Gajah Duduk controls 40 percents of domestic market share.

Gajah Duduk Sarong high quality and comfortable to wear. Gajah Duduk has dozens glove design. One sheath design can have 12 to 30 attractive color combinations and elegant.